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jimbo rambles (2008)

Somewhat ambient treatment of family history

Bookshelf Speaker (2009)

me doing my thing. warning: there's bad poetry involved

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James Bouchard


Our family has always been fairly musical, since everyone in the family plays an instrument and has played in various musical incarnations. Our older brothers, Albert and Joe, were in the Blue Oyster Cult, for instance. So when my brother Bill and sister Mary sent me their recording for the NPR Story Corps project, I thought it would be great to incorporate that into a musical piece. I did a short one, and then thought it would be great to get it all in one piece. The only problem is that the whole recording was 55 minutes long. Along came RPM where I had to do a 35 minute album so I decided to use the narration that my brother and sister did and improvise music around that. I did use the whole narration by cutting it in half and overlapping the two parts.

Mary Bouchard & Bill Bouchard, spoken narration James Bouchard: electric guitar, keyboards, electric bass, charango, banjo, dobro, vocals



Completed Albums

jimbo rambles(2008)

Somewhat ambient treatment of family history

When we were growing up
More of a Mystery

Bookshelf Speaker(2009)

me doing my thing. warning: there's bad poetry involved

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